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6 Simple Lat Activation Drills to Add to Your Warm-Up!

Posted by: Emily Beers

There's nothing more frustrating for a coach than watching an athlete skip warm-up and head straight to the bars and start busting out butterfly chest-to-bars or muscle-ups.

Remember, even the best of the best take the time to properly prep their body before big swinging moves like ring muscle ups. I watched Lucas Parker, a six-time CrossFit Games competitor, train a couple times, and he spends more time warming up than working out.

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To all those who struggled with 15.3...

Posted by: Emily Beers

When 15.3 was announced, my heart sank.

After 6 years of CrossFit, I’ve finally made it to a place where I’m not scared of 30 double unders. 100 still gasses me like no other. Let alone more than one set of 100...


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