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Brand Story

Where did it all begin? 

As avid athletes in our younger days, we got sucked in to this new fad (at the time) called CrossFit. An underground movement of ropes, rings, lifting heavy things and flipping tires. What wasn't to love? Through some hard work and serendipity, a CrossFit gym was opened. We were hanging 5 on the wave of the meteoric rise of the brand, and grew a community of friends in a small town built around finding fitness. 

At a BBQ one weekend, Megan (my partner) caught a member slathering chapstick all over a particularly gaping deep-palm hand tear from linking together too many toes-to-bar. When asked what he was doing, he replied "It's the only thing small enough to carry with me". 


As luck would have it (how much of success is just being in the right place at the right time?), a friend of mine from high school just happened to be working for a company that was producing a line of "green" cosmetics and said it would be not problem to do a test run on the cheap. 

Initial testing was a smashing success and clients from our gym were relieved to have solutions to a common CrossFit problem: hand and callus tears. 

Fast forward a few years, and sadly, the gym is no more. Extraneous circumstances forced us to make the hard decision to shut it down. It is nice however to be able to stay in the industry and work with gym owners and clients to support their retail offerings and athletic endeavors. 

The free time that we got from closing the gym also allowed for new sports to enter our world's as I have become and avid climber (indoor, outdoor and bouldering) and Megan has applied her extensive background in competitive dance to her new hot yoga affair. 

RIPT Skin Systems is a company knows where it stands. We have tried to create and edgy brand that isn't afraid to call things as we see them. We do after all sell "hardcore" hand balms, how serious can you take yourself? 

We hope that our products speak for themselves in quality and performance and that our slightly cheeky buying experience brings a smile to your face. 


RIPT Skin Systems co-founder Devin Glage

Devin Glage

RIPT Skin Systems