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Open Competition

Back to the basics: Try New Sports!

Posted by: Emily Beers

CrossFit tells us to regularly try new sports, yet the more we get into CrossFit – especially if we compete in competitions – the less likely we seem to be to venture into unchartered waters of often pathetically attempting new sports.

In fact, I asked a class of 25 CrossFit athletes the other day how many people try new sports and I received nearly 25 blank stares. Many of them couldn’t even remember the last time they went swimming.

If you’re a CrossFit coach, here’s why you should encourage your clients to get out of the box now and then and try a new sport!

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Open Tips from Lucas Parker

Posted by: Devin Glage

If you’ve ever seen Parker compete live, he is as cool as a cucumber, and he manages to maintain his poise and stick to his game plan even when he’s competing in front of thousands of viewers at the CrossFit's biggest event The CrossFit Games. It’s actually the craziest thing to watch Parker compete as he looks completely un-phased, utterly unruffled by the chaos around him. I can’t even imagine how calm he looks when he’s performing the Open workouts in the comforts of his home box CrossFit Zone in Victoria.

Here’s a sneak preview of the subjects Parker will discuss at “Open Prep with Parker”

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