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Open Tips from Lucas Parker

Posted by: Devin Glage

Lucas Parker is a proven CrossFit athlete: Arguably the fittest man in Canada, he’s a three-time CrossFit Games competitor, who isn't afraid to get completely naked mid-workout.

Who better to take Open Competition advice than from the man with the famous beard, Lucas Parker?


The intellectual and articulate Parker is stand-up paddle boarding across the Pacific from Victoria to Vancouver on Friday, January 31st to give a chat “Open Prep with Parker” at CrossFit Vancouver. The event is open to anyone and the talk will be followed by the “Wine and Cheese and Open with Ease.”

See our Facebook Page for details about the time, place, and the talk.

If you’ve ever seen Parker compete live, he is as cool as a cucumber, and he manages to maintain his poise and stick to his game plan even when he’s competing in front of thousands of viewers at the CrossFit's biggest event The CrossFit Games. It’s actually the craziest thing to watch Parker compete as he looks completely un-phased, utterly unruffled by the chaos around him. I can’t even imagine how calm he looks when he’s performing the Open workouts in the comforts of his home box CrossFit Zone in Victoria.

Here’s a sneak preview of the subjects Parker will discuss at “Open Prep with Parker”


Top three Open Tips from Parker:


3). “FOCUS ON THE PROCESS of the workout: your body position, range of motion, and speed of movement. In other words, things you can (and should) control. Avoid intangible cues like “Work really hard!”

2). “CONSISTENCY IS COMFORT: Perform your Open workouts at the same time, in the same place, with the same people, wearing the same underwear.”

1). “TURN DOWN THAT DAMN RACKET! You can listen to tunes, but if you have screamo metal music blaring at volume 11, this will likely create too much arousal. Your fear of the workout should be sufficient.”

BONUS tip from Parker: “Don’t leaderboard past 8 p.m.”


Join us for many of Parker’s dirty little secrets on January 31st.


Posted by Devin Glage on

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