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Donny Shankle

Donny Shankle on Hand Care for Weightlifters

Posted by: Devin Glage

Donny Shankle is bigger than you, stronger than you, and knows more about hand care for weightlifters than you.  When your profession is lifting heavy objects over your head, taking care of your money makers is a must. If you can't hold the bar anymore, your training suffers.  In the following video, Shankle will walk you through how to properly take care of weightlifting hands, and which products he uses (can someone please get this man a RIPT kit?). Specifically a waxy hand balm (a la Quick Fix) rather than a hand cream, and a pumice stone to smooth down dead and dry calluses.  While Donny nails hand care on the head, the only point we would add is that...

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