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Defying the Odds Part 2: Mandy Gill

Posted by: Emily Beers

Gill admits that her life today is much different than she ever would have guessed it would have been five years ago. Five years ago she was hell bent on holding a traditional media job—a full-time position with a TV or radio station. But today, she wouldn’t trade her life for the world.

Between her CTV appearances, her gigs with companies like Reebok and Can Fit Pro, her writing endeavours, her personal training expertise, and the launching of her new company, Gill has managed to think outside the box and piece together her perfect lifestyle.

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Public Policy Part 3: Get Fit Tax Credit

Posted by: Emily Beers

They say two things unfortunate things in life are certain: death and taxes.

I say, why don’t we implement policy that just might prolong death and reduce taxes at the same time?

The proposal: A Tax Credit for the Fit

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