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Defying the Odds Part 2: Mandy Gill

Posted by: Emily Beers

Gill admits that her life today is much different than she ever would have guessed it would have been five years ago. Five years ago she was hell bent on holding a traditional media job—a full-time position with a TV or radio station. But today, she wouldn’t trade her life for the world.

Between her CTV appearances, her gigs with companies like Reebok and Can Fit Pro, her writing endeavours, her personal training expertise, and the launching of her new company, Gill has managed to think outside the box and piece together her perfect lifestyle.

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Who says our generation is doomed?

Posted by: Emily Beers

Even though the job market is changing and it seems to be harder to land an allegedly stable 9 to 5 career job right out of university, there are so many new opportunities arising to replace the more traditional job. For example, although newspapers might be dead and the supply of teachers way out paces the demand, there are tons of new ways to earn a living that didn’t used to exist. 

For one, think about how many different kinds of consultants exist these days. People—and businesses—hire consultants in every field imaginable: from health and wellness experts to interior landscaping specialists to social media marketing consultants. I mean, we live in a world where you can make a living as a Closet Organizer! Fifty years ago, nobody even knew the needed someone in their closet, and today they’re spending big bucks paying someone to shuffle their shoes to a lower shelf.

Although different, I think my generation needs to start viewing our time as a time of possibility in the job market. And from our end, my generation needs to stop complaining and accept responsibility for our current failings.

I know way too many people in their twenties who are living an entitled existence, bitterly pouring vodka sodas five nights a week, angry that their degree didn't come with an automatic job offer. Since when did a degree earn you anything more than a handshake that says, “Congratulations, you managed to hunker down for a few hers and stay sober enough to pass your exams?”

It’s time we start thinking outside the box, thinking beyond the traditional 9 to 5 government job, to create our own opportunities.

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