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KB snatches

A CrossFit Games Regionals athlete who doesn't leave home without RIPT

Posted by: Emily Beers

Long-time RIPT Skin System's user—Canada East Regionals athlete and owner of Nutrition Rx in London, Ontario Jennifer Broxterman—explains she never leaves home without her RIPT Daily Dose. “It fits so nicely in my purse,” she said. Broxterman's well-used Quick Fix  Keeping it in her purse at all times also means she doesn’t have to remember to pack it when she goes on vacation, and happens to rip her hands, like she did recently when she was working out at CrossFit FXTX in Allen, Texas and joined in on a group class with 35 bar muscle-ups. Here were her hands after her workout: Unconcerned, she pulled our her Quick Fix and Daily Dose, lathered them on her rips, left her hands to...

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