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What is the best hand care cream for CrossFit? Why RIPT of course...Part 2 Post-Rip Repair

Posted by: Devin Glage

So you just ripped the shit out of your hands doing a million (that's right, a million) toes-to-bar and you would rather be poked in the eye with a red-hot iron rod than wash your hair.
What do you do now?

Not to worry, RIPT has you covered...literally.


Protect open hand rips from the elements.

Fresh rips burn mostly because of the oxygen exposure to deeper layers of your skin. After washing with soap (which can suck) dry the open wound and apply our QUICK FIX balm directly to the tear. QUICK FIX has a beeswax and coconut oil base, two ingredients known for their anti-bacterial/anti-viral qualities, as well as providing a thick layer of protection from the open air and environment. We have also added peppermint extract and menthol which provide a cooling and soothing sensation to help fight the sting from a fresh tear.


Reapply often until sealed

Want your rips to heal up fast? Then you better keep that tube of QUICK FIX with you at all times and reapply as frequently as you can remember (hence, the convenient to carry tube size dudes!). Keeping the newly forming skin fed with all the nutrients that it needs will cut 2-3 days off the natural healing process (7-10 days).

What does that mean for you? Faster recovery, and getting back to 100% training capacity faster. You may also get a raise, and find yourself irresistible to the opposite sex... result may vary.

Once the wound has formed a new, protective layer of thin skin, it's time to switch to the DAILY DOSE balm.

Posted by Devin Glage on

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