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Gym Owners: Could this bathroom spray boost your bottom line?

Posted by: Emily Beers

 It happens sometimes. Anxiety from reading the workout and your morning coffee are kicking in. You thought you could wait, but you can’t. You went through the warm-up and realized you just can’t hold it off any longer.

So you drop a stinky deuce in the bathroom at the gym.

You look around for something to fix the problem. But there’s no bathroom spray. No matches. No nothing! You’re stuck.

You think if you’re lucky, you might be able to sneak out unnoticed, but just as you think you’re in the clear you make eye contact with another athlete, who's unmistakably approaching the bathroom. Just your luck, it happens to be the man you have been checking out in recent days. There’s no hiding what you did now. He’s going to know you take stinky poos sometimes. Tragic.


You spend the rest of the workout feeling awkward and embarrassed about the putrid odor you left for the other members to deal with.


If you’re a gym owner, you are responsible for the energy in the room. Working out at a high intensity is an emotional enough experience for most. Dealing with foul bathroom stench only adds unproductive and unwanted stress to the equation for your athletes.

There’s a solution: RIPT Skin System’s Deuce Anti-Stink Toilet Spray—a natural product that ACTUALLY WORKS! Instead of masking the smell and making it even worse like many air fresheners do, Deuce creates an oil barrier and seals the smelly deuce in the bowl, eliminating the foul odor and cutting it with a natural, fresh one from essential oils.

3 MORE Reasons to bring Deuce into your gym’s bathroom!

  1. Keep your current clients comfortable: See above: Don’t put your clients in a situation where they’re unfocused during the workout because they’re feeling embarrassed about what they did in the bathroom. Comfortable, happy clients are the ones who will stick around for the long haul.
  2. Keep your clients healthy:  In short, many other bathroom or air fresheners contain unhealthy chemicals—from benzene to formaldehyde, to styrene, to butane, to propane and phthalates. What are all of those products? All you need to know is they’re bad for your health! Read more here if you really want more details about what kinds of chemicals you can find in other air fresheners!
  3. Attract new members: Rather, don't odorously offend a potential client. Imagine a new member is at your gym doing an introductory session, takes a quick bathroom break, and is forced to inhale an unforgivable breath of rottenness. The fitness market is a competitive one—meaning one bad smell could be enough to turn off a new client, leaving him or her with the impression that your gym doesn’t care about proper sanitization. Big red flag when it comes to gym selection.

So for the sake of your own health, your current client’s health and to attract prospective clients to train with you, get on board the Deuce train!

Available in gym sized bottles to keep in the bathroom, and personal "stealth" size so you can poo like a ninja. 

Yes, Deuce is available for wholesale!

Posted by Emily Beers on

Emily Beers, hailing from Vancouver, crosses bridges by being not only a CrossFit athlete, but also a journalist. She has been a regular contributor to the CrossFit Journal since 2011. She qualified and competed at her first CrossFit Games as an individual athlete in 2014.

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