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Deuce: The Anti-Stink Toilet Spray

Deuce: The Anti-Stink Toilet Spray




There’s something about a looming gruelling workout that gets the bowels moving quicker than normal. So while it might be our instinct to chastise the deuce-dropper of the hour, we’ve all been there at one time or another. 

There is now a solution that will stop your gym’s bathroom from being taken out of commission for a solid half hour: Deuce

A proprietary blend of essential oils and other natural stink-blocking ingredients forms a semi-impenetrable barrier in the bowl and prevents you from "poo-bombing" all those that want to use the bathroom after you. 

Since oil and water are mortal enemies, our Deuce spray locks in smell and actually releases a pleasant aroma as you bomb the bowl. 


Available in two convenient sizes:

30ml - The stealth bottle. Perfect as an EDC (Everyday Carry) to keep handy so you can sneak in and out without anyone knowing you were there. 

120ml - Leave it in your gym bag for that pre-workout "rumble in the jungle".