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Tis the season to stop stuffing your stockings with lame gifts like mandarin oranges and scratch tickets that never win

Posted by: Emily Beers

Stuffing stockings is a stressful endeavour. It’s usually left until the last minute—after you’ve already spent too much money on other presents—and you end up buying whatever useless stocking trinkets that Walmart happens to be selling at the till.

From ugly leg warmers, to that plastic moose that poos brown jelly beans, to the wrong kind of shampoo for your hair—the list goes on. Let’s be honest now, nobody needs another post-it-note pad, and that annual stick of deodorant has become predictable and unexciting. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. Stuffing stockings with practical gifts that will be appreciated by the recipient just takes a little planning. 

Five Reasons Why RIPT Makes a Great Stocking Stuffer!

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