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Donna Jo Fitwear

A new budding Love: Dona Jo

Posted by: Emily Beers

I’m not a flakey person. I’m loyal to the core, but some things are hard to deny, and Dona Jo is one of them.

I wasn’t looking for another brand. I didn’t set out to be a traitor. In fact, the pants were given to me Pro Bono, and when I ripped open the package that arrived at my doorstep, I was skeptical at best.

And then, I put them on.

They immediately sculpted to my skin in a way I had never before experienced. And they stayed perfectly in their place.

Since that moment, I’ve worn them any chance I get, and I never feel the urge to tug on the waistband or the thighs, as they simply never shift out of place, not even during an intense workout. Simply put, they’re soft, smooth, seamless – hands down the most comfortable pair of pants I’ve ever worn.

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