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Canada West

Even Angie Hay and Erica Livett Get Nervous

Posted by: Emily Beers

I’ve spent the last three weeks trying to convince athletes at my gym to sign up for the Open. The two biggest reservations I hear are, “I don't think I’m good enough,” or “Competing is too nerve-racking.” I always tell them, “That’s the point. It’s supposed to be both humbling and nerve-racking. It's about conquering those feelings. Even the top athletes feel stress.” To this I generally receive skeptical glares. Well, here’s proof: Many of the top Canada West ladies admit they will never totally escape the Open anxiety. Veteran Games competitor Angie Hay, who always looks like the most calm athlete on the floor says that even though the Open is further down on her priority list than normal...

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Canada West Ladies Rule

Posted by: Emily Beers

There’s something else—something more subtle—that goes on at every single CrossFit competition I’ve ever competed in, and there’s nothing fake or forced about this.


This is the respect that each athlete develops for the rest of her competitors through the course of the weekend.


The recent Canada West regional competition was no exception.

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