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Rope Burn Prevention and Treatment: When a long sock just isn’t enough

Posted by Emily Beers on

Rope Burn Prevention

Everyone knows the long sock, athletic tape rope burn prevention trick by now. It works most of time. By that, I mean it works when you're logging 5 to 10 rope climbs in a session, but once you get into a 12-plus rope climb workout a la Tommy V, it's not always enough.

Rope climb regrets...

I learned this the hard way:

Back in 2009, I ended up on antibiotics after a stubborn rope burn infection that wouldn't heal (that was in the days before I discovered RIPT Skin Systems). I had worn a long sock and taped up, and even threw on some post-workout polysporin, but it still wasn't enough. 

So when long pants, thick socks, and layers of athletic tape just aren't enough to stop the rope from destroying your precious skin, here are 3 Unique Ways to bulletproof your shins:

1. Gauze and Pro-wrap: Applying a few layers of gauze followed by Pro-Wrap under another layer or two of athletic tape can help provide an additional few layers of protection to your skin.

2. Leggings aren't just for fashion: Although bulky, if you're still feeling the burn, throw some thick leggings under your long socks. Throw on a layer of tape around your leggings to make sure they stay in place under your socks.

3. Mouse Mad: I know of a few regionals athletes who jammed a mouse pad into their socks before Tommy V back in 2015. Again, like the legging method, tape the mouse pad to your shin and throw long socks on top of it.

Don't get slowed down on the rope because you didn't prep your shins!


Let's be honest, we don't always come to the gym prepared with Pro-Wrap, winter leggings or a mouse pad. So if and when you do end up with rope rash, turn to RIPT Skin Systems for a quick recovery. Lather some QUICK FIX onto the rope burn and throw on a long sock before bed. 

I did this once after a Rope Burn Gone Bad incident. Two weeks had gone by, the wound was nowhere near healed and continued to itch like no other. I put some QUICK FIX on it and within two days, it went from being 50% healed to 90% healed. 





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