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At last, a muscle relaxant rub that doesn't make a mess!

Posted by Emily Beers on

Do you secretly cringe when your significant other asks you nicely if you can rub some Deep Cold, or A535 Heat cream, or Tiger Balm or Liniment, or whatever muscle relaxant product of the day, on his sore muscles?

You can’t possibly say no because it’s such a seemingly small favour. Then again, it’s not!

Your palms and fingers get all gooey and gunky, and worse yet you end up stinging and burning in weird places all night because no matter how much you wash your hands after the rubdown, the residue is powerful—so whatever you touch with your hands feels the burning effect for hours.

Nobody enjoys this!

There’s finally a solution: RIPT Skin Systems’ Sore Muscle Rub. Like the hand care products—Quick Fix and Daily Dose—the Sore Muscle Rub comes in a convenient, no mess, chapstick-like cylinder. This means your hands stay free from the mess and the burning sensation.

So when your significant other needs some muscle rub love, you'll be happy to oblige with RIPT Muscle Rub.  



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