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Emily Abbott is Getting her Hands Game-Ready for Murph at the CrossFit Games on Friday

Posted by: Emily Beers

West Regional champion, Emily Abbott, who currently sits 11th overall after two events at the 2015 CrossFit Games, will rely on RIPT's 3 phase hand care kit to get her through Murph on Friday morning in Carson.

“(QUICK FIX) heals up those tears quick. The DAILY DOSE was great for me in St. Louis (where Abbott trained leading up to the Games), where humidity is high and your hands seem to get raw quick,” Abbott said. 

To get ready for 100 pull-ups in Murph—and to mitigate any damage on her hands in order to get through the rest of the weekend—Abbott is listening to RIPT Skin Systems’ advice.

“RIPT also suggested using JAW grips, which I really like. So I’ll be wearing those for Murph,” she said, before adding, “I can’t believe I have to do Murph tomorrow.”

This is Abbott’s second CrossFit Games. She placed 35th as a rookie last year, and since then her improvements have been vast. 

Abbott solidified her abilities—letting the CrossFit world know she’s a true contender this year—when she dominated, from start to finish, the West Regional competition in May. She already has a second-place finish in the sand bag event at this year’s Games, and is hoping to finish in the top 20 overall.

Posted by Emily Beers on

Emily Beers, hailing from Vancouver, crosses bridges by being not only a CrossFit athlete, but also a journalist. She has been a regular contributor to the CrossFit Journal since 2011. She qualified and competed at her first CrossFit Games as an individual athlete in 2014.

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