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When you love trees a lot, you’re allowed to harass people at work!

Posted by Emily Beers on

Imagine for a second that some lunatic—a fitness protestor—showed up at your gym as you were coaching and started heckling, harassing, screaming at you. You probably wouldn’t take it.

If the harassment persisted and the lunatic started yelling, “Squats are dangerous! Genocide! Murderer!” you might call the cops, and I can’t imagine the cops would sit back neutrally as the protestor interrupted your day at work, scaring those around you in the process.

But apparently, when you’re an anti-everything (especially economic growth) devout tree lover, who seems to value shrubs and dirt over human beings, you’re allowed to do this.

This is exactly what happened at Simon Fraser University earlier this week.

 If you missed it on the news, this was the scene: Kinder Morgan pipeline surveyors visited SFU on Wednesday to conduct pipeline research.

Shortly after, a group of what looked like 20-30 hippie-looking protestors—apparently with nothing better to do mid-day—caught wind of their presence and showed up armed with their vicious words. The group literally surrounded the peaceful surveyors like a gang mob and began heckling, harassing, screaming at the ordinary men who were just doing their job.

"Genocide! Ecocide!" yelled one particularly revved up protestor, as she got right in a surveyor's face.

Another brilliant young man decided to lay down on the road and lodge himself under one of Kinder Morgan’s vans, refusing to move. (I've heard of a hunger strike to prove a point before, but I have never heard of a "lodge myself under a car" protest before. I'm still unclear what point he was trying to make).


The surveyors remained calm and did their best to simply pretend the protestors weren’t there, albeit it became quickly unrealistic to work in that kind of environment.

But my problem is less with the protestors as it is with the police, who showed up to keep the peace.

 “We are impartial, and we are simply here to monitor the situation,” said Staff Sgt. Andy LeClair.

Impartial to men getting harassed at work?

Are you allowed to be opposed to a pipeline? Of course.

Is it your right to protest? I guess so, although I question the lifestyle of a person who is just sitting around mid-day, mid-week, waiting for an opportunity to shit disturb.

But since when is it ok to show up while someone is doing his legitimate job and kick, scream, accuse, and immaturely throw yourself under his van?

And since when do the police sit back and watch this kind of chaos unfold?


Read more about the protest HERE.





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