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Stink Bomb Solution is Here: "DEUCE"

Posted by: Emily Beers

Potty humour. Some people never grow tired of it.

I have a 42-year-old friend who still texts me pictures of the gems he releases into the toilet. And whenever someone farts in public, hilarity almost always ensues.

But sometimes it isn’t funny. Like when you show up at your box to hit a workout, want to take a quick pee first and are hit with an overpowering stench.

The pre-workout stink-bomb is most certainly a problem at every single CrossFit affiliate around the world. There’s something about a looming gruelling workout that gets the bowels moving quicker than normal. So while it might be our instinct to chastise the deuce-dropper of the hour, we’ve all been there at one time or other. 

But there is a solution that will stop your affiliate’s bathroom at your gym from being taken out of commission for a solid half hour:  RIPT Skin System’s new product “Deuce.” 

Devin Glage co-founder of RIPT Skin Systems explained how they came up with the idea for this new product:

“Everyone knows that feeling. The moments right before a WOD, you feel that rumble in the jungle and are commanded to pray to the porcelain Gods.There must be some primal response to the stress that your body knows is on the horizon. It's readying you for battle,” he said. 

Glage added: “It was always a running joke in our gym, especially in the morning class. No one wanted to be the second guy in the can.”

He had already tried every air freshener imaginable, but they always made the air unbreathable. “And the subtle stench was always still floating around,” Glage added. “We needed to find a way to trap the smell at the source and stop it from getting airborne.”

So he took matters into his own hands. He did some research and now about to launch Deuce.

Deuce is an oil spray to prevent people from “poo-bombing” the rest of the bathroom users. Since oil and water are mortal enemies, Glage explained, Deuce is a blend of essential oils and other natural ingredients, which locks the stink in the bowl.

“Everyone can now poop in nasal peace,” he said.

RIPT Skin Systems will be launching the product at the 2014 CrossFit Games in Carson, California. Look for them in the vendor village. If you would like to get your hands on one of the first bottles of Deuce, click here to pre-order!



Posted by Emily Beers on

Emily Beers, hailing from Vancouver, crosses bridges by being not only a CrossFit athlete, but also a journalist. She has been a regular contributor to the CrossFit Journal since 2011. She qualified and competed at her first CrossFit Games as an individual athlete in 2014.

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