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How the 8th Fittest Woman in the world hasn’t ripped all year

Posted by Emily Beers on

Photo Credit: Jill Van Gyn (Above)

The well-known Blonyx-sponsored athlete Emily Abbott recently became a three-time CrossFit Games qualifier when she exercised her way to the podium at the West Regional Competition in Portland.

Not only has her commitment to training, her solid nutrition, and Blonyx HMB + Creatine helped her body become a well-oiled machine, even her hands are among the most fit in the world! How’s this for an impressive statement:

“I have not ripped all year.” - Emily Abbott 

What's her secret?

How can someone who spends her days gripping barbells and swinging on pull-up bars and rings avoid rips?

While Abbott isn't a Ript-sponsored athlete, she loves our products and explained that Ript’s GRINDSTONE is part of her no-rip secret as it keeps her callouses thin and pliable.

“I use the buffer bar (GRINDSTONE) every time I am in the shower. I give my hands a good 10-second scrub and then lotion up,” she said.

And because rips don’t happen often for Abbott, she doesn’t have to use QUICK FIX all that much.

“I use the QUICK FIX infrequently as I don’t rip my hands. I did, however, get some nasty rips right before Regionals on my wrists because of false grip strict muscle-ups,” she said, adding, “QUICK FIX healed the little guys right up.”

The DAILY DOSE, however, she makes use of.

“When I am out of lotion when I am traveling, the DAILY DOSE is perfect for moisturizing. That way, I don’t have to bring a big tub of lotion,” she said. “So convenient.”


Abbott’s tip of the day for how she preps her hands for competition:

“It’s always good to not overdo anything that could rip your hands. I compact my hand-hurting gymnastics into one day so that the next day I can rest my tender mitts.  I focus on barbell work the following day, and then get back at the gymnastics again the day after that. And honestly, if I bring my buffer bar with me on the road and if I use it everyday, I am golden,” she said.

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