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QUICK FIX - Mega Tin

QUICK FIX - Mega Tin

$ 18.95 USD


Did you just rip a callus off, burn, cut, or otherwise impale yourself?

QUICK FIX is your go-to balm for skin that needs repairing. Specially blended to promote immediate healing, QUICK FIX's formula includes essential oils known to decrease skin inflammation and nourish the epithelial cells while they work to close the wound. Use your QUICK FIX balm until the injury has sealed over and it is not sensitive to the environment anymore (meaning you can run your hands under hot water without screaming).

Also works great on old scars, and reducing future scaring from sutures or abrasions.

As always, we don't screw around with filler ingredients. Everything in this tin is is there for one reason: fix your hands fast!

Now in a mega sized 60g/2oz Tin.