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Mega Tin

Mega Tin



Want to tear your hands up?

Don't use Daily Dose and Quick Fix. 

This is the product description where everyone wants to read about features and benefits, but you're more savvy than that.

You don't need some fancy sales pitch.

No, you're here because you already know that our Daily Dose and Quick Fix hand balms ain't your mama's old department store hand cream. This is that high octane, I need this shizz to heal fast so I can get back to training, I'd like to wash my hair tomorrow type of skin food. 

We don't mess around with weak ass, mostly filler type ingredients. Everything in these tins is put there for one reason: fix your hands fast!

Now in a mega sized 60g/2oz Tin. 

What's in the tin? 

Daily Dose 

A proprietary blend of essential oils and a beeswax + coconut oil base make this hydrating hand balm the perfect formula for your everyday skin care routine. Best used immediately after a bath or shower, apply a little bit to dry skin or thick calluses and rub it in. Repeat daily to keep skin hydrated and pliable (stretchy) to prevent rips, cracks, fissures and tears. 

Quick Fix 

Did you just rip a callus off, burn, cut, or otherwise impale yourself? Quick Fix is your go-to balm for skin that needs repairing. Specially blended to promote immediate healing, Quick Fix's formula includes essential oils known to decrease skin inflammation and nourish the epithelial cells while they work to close the wound. Use your Quick Fix balm until the injury has sealed over and it is not sensitive to the environment anymore (meaning you can run your hands under hot water with our screaming). 

Also works great on old scars, and reducing future scaring from sutures or abbrasions.