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3 Phase Hand Care Kit

3 Phase Hand Care Kit

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Ripped or torn hands?  Time to fix them ASAP.

RIPT's 3 Phase Skin Reinforcement System is specifically designed for athletes.  It repairs your damaged skin fast, to get you back to enjoying your sport as fast as possible. 

Perfect for CrossFit, weightlifting, gymnastics, rowing, kettlebell sports, rock climbing or any other activity which requires heavy use of your hands. 

Made from 100% all natural ingredients chosen for their hydrating and anti-bacterial properties, like Beeswax, Shea Butter, Jojoba, Calendula Flower Extract, Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus. No fillers here. 

How it works

RIPT's 3 Phase Hand Care Kit is designed to be used (amazingly!) in 3 phases:

You can see below for more details on each phase.


This is our high intensity dose to repair damaged skin fast!  Apply to the damaged area(s) to fill the rip and seal it off from the elements.

Natural ingredients like peppermint oil and rosemary will help to cool the irritated skin and reduce inflammation, while other essential oils will protect the open wound from infection via their potent antibacterial/antiviral properties.


Our moisturizing hand balm made from 100% natural ingredients like Beeswax, Shea Butter and Jojoba. Once you've sealed off the rip, you can start to apply DAILY DOSE until your body has formed a new layer of skin that is less sensitive to the touch. Use until a new, hydrated callus has formed.

We've refined the package design over the years and have settled on the pocket-sized, oval DAILY DOSE tube.   It's much easier to carry around, and fits perfectly in your pocket.  Keep it with you and apply liberal amounts as needed until your calluses are nice and hydrated.  

It's also great to use on un-torn calluses to increase their hydration and prevent tears.  


Use daily to smooth and shape rough calluses. For optimal results use in the shower (see video below) when both the stone and your skin are wet. Your goal is to thin the calluses so they remain flexible, yet protective of your hands. Avoid removing calluses entirely as you may experience pain or increased sensitivity. You may experience some flaking from the stone when it is new. This will slow as you use it. 

We've chosen to use a synthetic pumice stone as our GRINDSTONE for a simple reason - during our years of research, we've found that the synthetic pumice stone enables an optimal callus,  One that is thin, yet protective so athletes can continue training hard and performing. 

We've found that rock-based pumice stones are too abrasive and don't allow you to 'polish' the callus to perfection.  We've found this makes a huge difference.

Kit contents

RIPT's 3-Phase Hand Care Kit includes:

  • 1 tube of QUICK FIX hand balm (0.15 oz) * 
  • 1 tube of DAILY DOSE hand balm (0.15 oz) *
  • 1 synthetic pumice GRINDSTONE

 * Made from 100% all natural ingredients, we don't mess around with any fillers!

Check out the results after 5 days 

Check out one of our customers documenting how his ripped hands were repaired in just 5 days from using RIPT's 3 Phase Hand Care Kit.


Best way to use the GRINDSTONE

The GRINDSTONE works wonders if you use it daily to smooth calluses.  For the best results, it should be used wet.  Try using it in the shower when both the stone and your skin are wet. Your goal is to thin the calluses so they remain flexible, yet protective of your hands.

*Note: The stone in this video is 8 months old. It will wear a bit with use, but this feature allows the skin to be sanded rather than gouged.