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PowerFingers Antagonist Grip Training System

PowerFingers Antagonist Grip Training System

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Grip strength is an important part of training. As an athlete you know that if you couldn't hold, grip, crimp, squeeze, pinch, or lift with your hands, your training and fun will be limited. 

We often train our grip by closing and holding our hands shut, but have you ever trained that antagonistic movement of opening your hands? 

One thing that many sports like CrossFit, rock climbing, kettlebell sports, gymnastics, rowing etc., have in common is that they all use the fingers to grip, squeeze or hold, and involve tendons and muscle groups right up and into the elbow and scapula.

PowerFingers has been developed to allow anyone – young or old, professional or amateur – to enhance their grip strength and improve strength, speed, dexterity, and even injury prevention as part of a structured training/rehabilitation program. Whatever your sport – PowerFingers can help.