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When Your Child Rips Their Hands On Gymnastics Bars...

Posted by: Emily Beers

Long-time gymnastics coach and former competitive gymnast Kira Hallwood deals with children—sometimes as young as 6 years old—suffering from bar-induced bilsters and rips on their palms and fingers.

Hallwood’s prescription when a young gymnast gets a blood blister or ‘water’ blister, meaning a rip is inevitable, is as follows:

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Feminism’s Failure

Posted by: Emily Beers

“Isn’t that why you do CrossFit?” asked the other. “So you don’t need men to carry heavy shit for you?”

It’s true: I like being strong. I enjoy being able to carry 8 bags of groceries up 10 flights of stairs. And I enjoy being a useful human being on moving day. 

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