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The RIPT Community is a strong legion of athletic warriors that push it hard in the gym, on the rings or wherever their sport takes them.   And they've shared photos of their ripped and shredded hands to prove it. 


Check out one of our customers documenting how his ripped hands were repaired in just 5 days after using RIPT's 3 Phase Hand Care Kit.


All our hand care products are made from 100% all natural ingredients and specifically designed to repair damaged skin fast.  They are mixed, packaged and shipped by hand - with love -  by our small, local team.


Ok, we're going to brag a bit.  We love our customers.  And when we get feedback like this,  we gotta share it.  See what some of our customers are saying about us.  If you're looking for more, you can also check out our RIPT reviews.

"My daughters both are competitive gymnasts and use your Daily Dose and Quick Fix sticks. My youngest daughter uses the Daily Dose on her hands each night before bed. Previously, she had terribly dry, chapped skin. So, not only does your product help with rips from the bars, it also repairs damaged skin from dry winter weather. She loves the stick for easy application. Thank you so much for making a quality, natural product that I can trust." Becky, B
"I have used RIPT Skin Systems kits for years... the Refill Pack 2.0 makes an awesome addition to any gym bag. Huge containers of the QUICKFIX and DAILYDOSE to drop in my gear bag or pocket and tote around with me everywhere. Won't be my last purchase!" - Zach W.
"This stuff is great and really works well, I haven't ripped my hands in the two weeks I've been using it regularly. The refill pack is a good value and makes it convenient to have an extra to carry around and one to leave in my gym bag." - Elizabeth H.


RIPT's hand care treatment products are designed specifically for athletes to repair damaged skin ASAP.  We owned a CrossFit gym and loved working with and training athletes from a variety of sports.  We  constantly saw a common problem they all had - ripped hands, torn blisters and shredded calluses.

We created RIPT to provide hardcore hand care to hard training athletes.  Our goal is to get you back to enjoying your sport as fast as possible. 

RIPT is perfect for any sport or activity that requires heavy use of your hands.  If you're an an avid athlete who needs CrossFit hand care because you got CrossFit hands from WOD, throwing around kettlebells, weightlifting in the gym, rock climbing, rowing, gymnastics, or even pole dancing we can help you.


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